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"The Presence of arts in a Community is paramount to that Community's development" - Katie Barton
The Papillon Collection
is her Vision realised.





The Papillon Collection is community inspired and will be community driven. The Collection will be display at local business houses and public spaces within Wellington.


The Papillon Collection is a series of artworks procured from local artists within the Wellington Region.  This wonderful collection pays tribute to Wellington artist and gallery owner, Katie Barton, who died unexpectedly in 2009.

Katie Barton was herself an artist and gallery owner.  She believed in art as vital in the growth and development  of any community. She opened Percy Street Gallery to grant exposure to the many talented local artists within the area.

Artists are now invited to contribute to the Collection with pieces that are meaningful to them.  Our desire is to see the Collection grow with varied contributions that truly showcase the talent and inspiration within the local region.